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6 Outstanding Startup Technique From Third World Entrepreneurs

6 Outstanding Startup Technique From Third World Entrepreneurs

According to Nicolaos Moubayed, a brilliant marketing consultant and master in marketing strategy, “97% of people who visit your site will leave without converting to customers”. For all entrepreneurs, the bottleneck will always be the relevant tactics to convert visitors to customers and growing a business. People undervalue startup technique used by entrepreneurs from third world countries.

Many third world countries have sprouted successful entrepreneurs with fireproof businesses from zero to hero. For example, the founder of Zenith Bank Plc, used less than $5,000, 25 years ago of shareholder’s fund to build one of Africa’s top tier Bank, and Aliko Dangote of Dangote group, Africa’s richest man started with $3,000, 40 years ago to become a staple name in West Africa and beyond.

This piece will reveal outstanding startup technique you should emulate if you are starting up.

1. Take Your Product to Your Client

Engage in the massive grassroots campaign; utilize different acceptance tactics in a bid to build a solid foundation. To grow a business you need a rigorous marketing technique and not a multi-million dollar marketing strategy, but one that will define a foundation for your business. Breaking forth with a dead or almost non-effective strategy can cost you the future of your business.

Take your product to your potential client and offer money back guarantee. These startup technique will surprise you.

2. Offer Ridiculous Prices

One marketing concept that works best is offering ridiculous or almost free services. People love freebies, but, how do you drive traffic naturally with this system?

The answer is simple; offer them freebies in exchange for reviews on social media or different platforms.

3. Get Endorsement from Famous People

This startup technique is a magic wand that will turn your new business around. Most third world nation’s entrepreneurs at early stage carefully pick famous persons of high reputation and integrity to endorse or be a free ambassador for their product.

Think about how famous people usually command the attention of others. That is exactly what will become of your story based on the assurances of sustainability.

4. Employ the Right People

Most third world nation entrepreneurs and successful businesses still retain their first set of the employee, when starting a new business; it will only stand firm if you interview employ the right set of individuals.

A bad employee can be a pivotal cause of failure of any business. Be careful not to employ persons who will carry out illegal business transactions at the expense of the business ushering in liquidation at birth.

5. Go against all Odd and Find Value

Today in the USA most start-ups are located in Silicon Valley; but, what if you are miles away? The truth is start up your own self-define business where the value will be appreciated.

A key criterion to succeeding as an entrepreneur is believing in yourself, finding market value and going against all odds.

6. Attach to Bigger Entrepreneur.

Riding on the fame of other bigger company with huge investment and capital base can be the life and soul of your career; sometimes insufficient support can kill even the most profitable idea or business.

Pitch your tent with a reputable company that could drive some traffic from your start-up to their benefits. For those that hate getting pitched with investors, this pattern is more or less like a mutual balance for both parties.

Get Involved

If you value your business like diamonds simply means getting involved in all aspects. This system will give you 100% view of what and where you are heading.

Most Entrepreneurs in third world countries are the sole decision-making figure of all departments. This might come off as being too rigid but getting involved in all areas will enable you to build a business that will stand.


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