building a freelance writing business

7 Challenges I Overcame Building a Freelance Writing Career in a Third World Country

 Building a Freelance Writing Business

According to this report, there are fifty-three million American freelancers which portray the market as a large place. Freelance writing is evolving every aspect of our business activities into a small community accommodating significant events. Though, there are plenty challenges attached to people trying to break into the freelance writing business.

This piece will dissect some challenges; expose the best way to make money from home, and how to pursue a successful freelance writing career.

1. Scale Up Your Skills and Knowledge of The English Language.

Some reasonable level of education is instrumental to being successful; it doesn’t necessarily mean getting a Master Degree. The greatest challenge I needed to overcome is to close-up the educational and skill gap between a typical western nation freelancer and a third world country freelancer, like mastering of the English language to improve communication and delivery. Like me, you should study a lot of content to get you are equipped. Explore basic writing style and technical jargons to increase your vocabulary.

2. Employ a Carefully Plan System

Working from home mean been closer to distractions. If you have kids, first of all, take care of your children. One challenge that made me spell out my working hours is due to the openness of my community which by default permit family and friends to visit without notifications. Thus, clearly state your working hours, define an active working system for yourself on how to meet your target, treat your freelance writing as a real-time office business and with a carefully plan system you will manage home distractions properly.

3. Rejection Should Trigger Improvement and Not Self-Destruction

I have experienced situations where a carefully written content got turned down; this alone drove me to the lowest point in life knowing the energy, resources I engage to arrive at the desired result. Yes; this can trigger low self-esteem but, the truth is it doesn’t matter how great a writer you are sooner or later, one of your clients is will turn down your delivery.

Therefore, carefully go through your content always to ensure it is accurate. It is vital to know that rejection is just a part of the business because freelance writing is one of the most dynamic fields that require several skills combined. If such cases arise be honest, accept the criticism and know that rejection is a call for improvement.

4. Be the Boss Stay Relevant and Break into the Competition

Competition is what you get in every business, a freelance writer’s aim is to enlighten readers and sell brands. Hence, write clear, accurate and appealing content.

Staying competitive and relevant can be difficult. Take the bull by the horn and compete with content creation companies that literary own the industry. Learn to be the content creator and the editor. However, feel free to outsource jobs beyond your skills this way you keep up the competition and remain relevant.

5. Using the Social Media To Aid Your Growth “Breaking-Forth.”

According to Nicolaos Moubayed, a brilliant marketing consultant and master in marketing strategy said “97% of people who visit your site will leave without converting to customers”. Breaking into the larger market and convincing people to hire you can be a pain. Here is some “usually ignored” strategy you could employ:

A. Set-Up a Social Media Presence: There are thousands of social media platform but choosing the right one can be the magic wand. has proven not only to be an outstanding and professional social media platform, but a means to sell you to the world.

B.    Guest Posting and Contributing: Everyone wants to get involve with someone better. I have written quite some publications which have given me some followers and exposure. Offer guest writing services for free and share.

6. You Will Need Support from Family and Friends

During my first few month of dumping my 9 to 5 job for a freelance writing career, I had to let my family and friends in so as to get their needed support.

Get your family and friends to throw their weight on your decision this could alleviate the stress involve in freelancing at the initial stage, and without their support and encouragement, you could get a severe increase in pressure.

7. Eliminate Negativity and Satisfy Your Clients Curiosity.

Curiosity is the essence and driving force toward building a successful freelancing writing career. When I started, my lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem weight me down.

Despite your feelings of insecurity, allow your fear to be your driving force and the catalyst to your business. All clientele are curious with certain expectations, and it is best to remember that the essence of freelance writing is to fix your clients requirements and satisfy their curiosity.


The secret to excelling is to treat freelance writing as a full-time job that pays all the bills, copy the work ethics of a typical office job, do extra hours be excellent with words and you will do well. Building a successful freelance writing business can be a rewarding career especially if you have a steady growth in clientèle.

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