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5 Simple Unique Method That Motivates Employee

Motivates Employee, Getting It Right.

In progressive companies, managers and human resource department personals constantly searching for a better answer to the question, how do I motivates employee?  Although the answer to that question can be complex, there is one basic principle that remains unchanged:  A unique manager is a person who can find a way to direct an individual’s motivation towards the job at hand.

To motivate employees, set the tone for providing what makes your employees more satisfied. That doesn’t mean an extra chunk of change in the pay envelope.

The Dangerous Cliché

If you’re trying to motivates employee just by throwing money at the issue, you could be making a costly mistake. Keeping your workforce motivated means focusing on supplying the things employees need to do their jobs well.

Instead, give them what they want most: If employees want to know that your company appreciates the hard work they put in, go ahead and institute a philosophy in your company that truly recognizes employee efforts. If your employees say they want interesting work, so encourage your managers to set realistic goals for work groups.

1. Create a Conducive Work Environment

Today’s workforce is looking for flexibility on the job and balance in their life. A manager needs to evaluate ways to realistically provide this flexibility in work. For example, tradition has it that the employees work in an office with established work hours. You as a manager could allow for variations, such as 4-day work weeks, working from home one day a week or job sharing?

This sort of technique can help attract and retain a good employee.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Without adequate documenting the efforts of your employees, their hard work becomes uninspiring to them. “Progress unobserved may become progress attempted.” To avert this sort of feelings, set clear goals. Regularly sit with your employees and review their job duties and results respectively.

3. Recognize Outstanding Performance

All employees want more recognition. But a majority of managers doesn’t realize that employees appreciate the consistent recognition. This will trigger an employee to continue such positive behavior. Too often, only the top performers in a company receive recognition, leaving the rest of your staff feeling recognized.

4. Communicate Effectively

Communicate, influence, and persuade well. Most often, managers make these items a priority that is worked at daily with people. To communicate effectively with people, genuinely empathize with your employees‘ needs and problems, work on your one-on-one skills. Listen to your employees and use their ideas. Keep them informed about the organization, good news or bad. In the end, they’ll also be more productive.

5.  Build the Spirit of Partnership

An excellent Manager makes their employees feel like partners rather than ordinary team members. Why do they do so? Because when employees have a feeling of ownership, they will care more and strive to achieve the best.

To encourage this, you need to make sure you have positive relationships with your employees. A good principle to follow is that if you want outstanding results, you need to be prepared to pay outstanding rewards. Implementation of the above strategies will motivate employees to improve their performance.

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