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6 Reasons Not to Date Russian Women if You Are Not Russian

Going out with Russian women is a fantasy that can lead to broken heart if you are not Russian. This article will show you a series of criteria which can save you from disappointment, trouble and suffering if you follow them.

Although I have enumerated 6 main arguments for which you should not consider marrying with a Russian woman, it does not mean this a complete list. The same, it does not mean very few outsiders do not succeed. This is opinions based experiences of European and American men.

1. Boring Silence

This point is the perfect confirmation of the old saying: “one can speak 6 languages ​​and never have anything to say”. Russian women tend to cultivate the art of the paradox: they have several passports, speaking several languages ​​and generally benefiting from a level of education higher than many other countries in the world. But a great majority of non-Russian men who date them complain of their behavior of remain silent which can be boring. If the chemistry is not there or strong enough, you can spend endless evenings of silence. This can be so boring that you would wonder what affront you may have done to God to deserve such a punishment.

2. Russian Women Are Smart But…

It is good for a confident man to date and marry a smart woman, but when the smartness is used against you it is a cursed. Combined with the boring silence, the intelligence can break even the most confident man.  Men who date Russian women say they tend to believe they are smarter than other races and sometimes try to prove it to their own partners. This often leads to an unnecessary competition that often affects the relationship.  And it would be a big mistake trying to prove them they are wrong because it does not work most of the times.

3. They Are Lucid But…

In a relationship it is great for your partner to express clearly in an easy to understand manner. But when this happens in a way to hurt you or make you feel your vulnerability it is destructive. The problem is the fact most Russian women are beautiful and they know it. In a given argument they can value beauty and competence in such a way that could make you feel you are worthless.  If you are not competent and very confident you can question your own value. At certain point, easily find yourself wondering “is she in love with me or herself.” If you don’t have self-control there can be a “war between two lovers” in which you are trying to prove yourself.

4. Russian Women Have No Mercy for Non-Russian Men

Saying Russian women have no mercy may seem a strong language for some readers, but if you are a not Russian this is the reality you need to expect if you are dating a Russian woman. Being strong and defensive to outsiders is an integral part of their system of value. Russian women will not encumber themselves with sensitivity or empathy with your misfortunes, or accepting to suffer with you in silence and without blinking. In short, most of the times when trials come you are on your own.

5. Different Culture

Watching them walk in the street, the Russians look like European in term of look, dress, and hairstyle. They often speak English and even French. The Young love to listen to American music. But all resemblance stops there. For instance, it is found that more than 60% Russian-French do not work in the long term because the couples cannot get along with each other. This even worst if you are American or African. The “outsider men” often complain that they have to carry out all their whims, pay everything, hold the door of the toilet, systematically propose new ideas and have to make conversation for two during candlelight dinners. For most Russian women, it is normal that the man takes care of EVERYTHING.  That’s how things work in Russia. “The man proposes, the woman disposes”; yet they want strong men.

6. Aging Very Poorly

You may say this is not true; Russia is one of the top 5 countries with most beautiful women. Yes you are right, but very few keep their shape starting from age 35. As one critic says “the silhouette of Russian women is a paradox of nature.” As long as they are young their beauty will make you lose your mind, but as they grow older they are disintegrating at high speed. In addition, they tend to be sick easily when they are getting older. The least current of air and you find them in bed drinking honey herbal teas. And no question of taking medicine, they were taught that it was bad for health.

So does that mean you cannot successfully marry a Russian beauty? Of course you can, but be prepared to face some challenges. In addition, there is exception in everything. Who knows, you can be one of the few lucky who have a good experience with them.

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